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4 Popular Hardwood and Wood Stain Colors in 2022

Nothing is as heartbreaking, or value-reducing, as covering up beautiful California hardwood floors. The city of Beverly Hills is known for high fashion and sophisticated styles, so it comes as no surprise that wood flooring has had a lasting hold on the Los Angeles area. There's a selection and stain of wood to match any interior design, so view this list for the newest selections before committing to your home upgrade.

4 Popular California Hardwood Floors and Wood Stain Colors for the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Area

1. Rustic European Oak

European Oak is sturdy and resistant to expansion and contraction, making it a favorite among interior carpenters. This wood is so sturdy, in fact, that it can last beyond a lifetime and keep its hold through multiple generations. The grain is full of character, offering considerable variability in patterns and waves, and is naturally imbued with rich, warm undertones.The pairing of Spain's rich cultural history with the charm of new American trends yielded the style of Spanish colonial revival. Known for white stucco and bursts of color, this architectural style pairs perfectly with the warmth of a deeper stain of rustic European oak. The darker stain of the wood offers some warmth to the white interior walls.

Muted Colors

If you are the owner of an older Victorian home, you may also prefer the muted nature of European oak. This style of home peaked in the late 1800s, so it's no surprise that hardwood floors are an expected element of interior design. For these heirloom homes, we recommend a deeply pigmented, high-polish finish cut of wood to maintain the opulent feel of the design.

2. French White Oak

As the name implies, this wood's natural finish is a much lighter tone than what you'd normally expect from a wood. The lumber begins with an almost grey, ashy undertone when first cut, but after many years will begin to take on more yellow tints. If you prefer the cooler tones of the wood, you'll want to invest in a high-quality provider who treats the grain with preservatives or in a lighter stain finish.Though a touch on the more expensive side, white oak earns its price through its scratch-resistant nature and its sturdiness, ranking among the toughest of all hardwoods. The availability of this wood is low, yet the demand is high, so finding a reputable seller will likely be the first challenge in acquiring this cut.

Traditional Style

Traditional estate styles, like Tudor or English Cottage, pair especially well with lighter flooring. The understated interior style of these homes relies heavily on minimalism with very few touches of color. French white oak that has been stained to an ashier tone will match the room without overwhelming the palette. If your traditional home is more in the direction of an English cottage, however, you might prefer to allow the oak some purposeful aging for yellow hues.A less common selection would be opting for an intense, saturated charcoal tone on a rustic grain finish. The light wood of the French white oak readily absorbs the stain for a highly pigmented result. Instances like this one are preferred in newer-style homes that rely on minimalism and sleek styles. The almost black finish provides a futuristic twist to the natural wood, and white furniture will appear bolder on top of it.

3. Walnut

Walnut, like the other woods listed, is resilient to wear and withstands damage through the test of time. Unlike the other cuts, walnut is able to be carved into smaller pieces without a reduction in durability, allowing for an array of ornate patterns and geometrics. If sealed properly, this lumber will also offer water and mold resistance to its owner.Flooring made from these logs will fetch a higher price due to limited availability, but the addition will also increase the overall value of the home as this wood is also intended to last through multiple owners. The flexible nature of walnut's grain means that those who select to install it may also opt for carvings and other ornate details.

Cultural Touches

This wood comes naturally with variations between deep browns and lighter amber tones, but for California hardwood floors we recommend opting for a darker stain. Tuscan-style homes are incredibly popular in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, and the appearance of this architectural style is greatly enhanced by woods with darker orange or saturated brown hues. The ideal Tuscan interior will match dark flooring and accents with near-white walls.Yet another favored California home style that might benefit from walnut flooring are those with Greek revival architecture. The interior of these airy buildings relies heavily on golden tones, which walnut flooring is capable of taking on and maintaining. Walnut's resilience against water will also prove itself handy in these homes, where water fixtures are a common addition.

4. Reclaimed French Oak

The majority of the cuts discussed so far have been newly made slices of lumber, but there's something to be said for the antique qualities that can only be offered by aged French oak. Wood that has been repurposed will provide more texture to the flooring, offering visual interest to the ground that can't normally be accomplished by material alone. Lumber of this variety will be enhanced with other rustic elements, like iron installments.Reclaimed woods are usually divided into sectional pieces, having taken only the best-preserved blocks from the historical buildings they are salvaged from. Though reclaimed wood can be laid in straight rows the way traditional lumber would be, patterns do the uneven surface far more justice. Geometric inlays will be flattered by the aged appearance in a way standard slices can not.

Luxurious Options

Mediterranean homes, which are known for their high attention to detail, will particularly benefit from a patterned floor of aged wood. Part of the charm of a Mediterranean home is rooted in its ability to accomplish an antiquated feel while still keeping the atmosphere fresh. Further, matching a dark-stained reclaimed wood with cream-toned furniture helps to add character. Even better is if the walls are any element of stone, with a preference for white bricks or eggshell-colored stucco.Finding the perfect flooring requires knowing your personal style and the overall flair you wish to prevent through your home's architecture and interior. Hardwood provides an element of luxury that simply can't be found in other flooring options, offering natural beauty through its grain and unparalleled matching ability through a diverse range of stains while still remaining an overall neutral element.

Easy Applicability

Whether your preference is a bright Spanish revival theme or a more welcoming English cottage style, hardwood will match any interior selection. Wood is easy to match furniture, will not overpower the room the way other floorings might, and is built to last through scratches and water damage. There is a cut of lumber to match every fashion, and each one is heightened by the grandeur of wood.If you are seeking California hardwood floors, visit Fame Hardwood for our exceptional lines and an assortment of woods that are both difficult to acquire and high in demand. Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area have no better provider of lumber, with Fame Hardwoods offering fine craftsmanship intended to last more than a lifetime.