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Acre 4 Acre

Planting an Acre of Trees for Every Acre of Flooring Sold

We are committed to providing the finest-quality materials from certified, responsibly managed forests to residential, hospitality and retail projects and have created a practice where design, technology and research ensures this.

Wood is a natural renewable resource and the forests thrive when proper management practices are employed. The harvesting is extremely important to the health of the forest and it is essential to note that after the trees have been cut down, the forest renews itself through a combination of natural seeding and the maturation of younger trees receiving more sun and water.

Fame Hardwood is extremely proud to partner with American Forests to support the protection and expansion of America’s forests. With our financial backing, American Forests will plant an acre of trees for each acre of wood flooring Fame Hardwood sells, essentially giving back to the planet by a multiple of 100.

Our core products & finishes, which are made in the USA, are 100% formaldehyde free with zero volatile organic compounds (V.O.C), Carb 2 compliant, Lacey Act compliant, FSC Certified, and qualifies for LEED credits (MR 7, EQ 4.4, MR 6). Upon request.