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3 Benefits of Having California Hardwood Floors in Your Home Near Beverly Hills

If you're considering the possibility of installing new flooring into your home, you have likely been examining different materials to decide which type would be best. In locations near Beverly Hills, California, hardwood floors have proven to be one of the best options for a number of factors. Our climate is beautiful year-round, which also means that the flooring in our homes experiences a different type of use than in other areas of the country.


Spilling something on your carpet often involves a heavy-duty cleanup that doesn't always remove the color or smell entirely from the floor. Keeping the carpet clean requires a myriad of products as well as precious time that could be spent relaxing and enjoying your home. On top of that, crumbs, hair, and dust accumulate in the carpet fibers which are difficult to get out and will dull the vibrancy of the carpet material over time.

Hardwood flooring, however, is extremely low maintenance. A quick sweep and occasional mopping are often all that is needed to keep your floors looking new. Vacuuming once a week can keep the dust at bay, and spills are easily cleaned up with a wet cloth.


Good quality wood will allow your floors to last for decades. The durable nature of hardwood will be evident over time, especially in homes that experience the play of children. Tile and linoleum can crack or peel, and carpet can become dingy or worn. Hardwood can be scratched from time to time, but a little cleaning and a coating of polyurethane will have it looking like new.

The durableness of hardwood is especially important in California, as the constant sunshine streaming in through the windows and the tracking in of beach sand can cause other materials to age and wear quickly. Our ability to spend much of our time outside throughout the year often causes us to leave doors open and track in the dirt during every season. With hardwood floors, these elements don't cause damage or unsightly discolorations over time.


Whether you plan to pass your home down to the next generation or sell your home to an interested party, hardwood floors will add value to your overall market price. The low maintenance and high-quality nature of hardwood put homes with this type of flooring in high demand. Carpet and cheaper materials, such as linoleum, can even turn some buyers off entirely. Other materials show their age quickly, but hardwood stays looking fresh and new.

Hardwood flooring is an excellent option to use throughout your home. Regardless of your lifestyle or family dynamic, hardwood is the best material for creating a relaxed environment that can handle the busyness of everyday life. Other home trends will ebb and flow throughout the years, but hardwood floors will always be in style. Contact Fame Hardwood Floors today for a personalized experience with our knowledgeable team.