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Most Versatile Hardwood Company - Los Angeles — BUILD Magazine 2021 Home & Garden Awards

When looking for the perfect flooring, it’s worth making sure that you find the best. The team behind Fame Hardwood Floors was built around providing the best possible floors to the most prestigious clients and projects. In a little under ten years, they have grown into one of the most preeminent providers in the industry. We take a closer look to find out more.

When Page Nazarian started Fame Hardwood in 2012, it was to create a truly unique collection. He would provide customers with some of the newest and most innovative hardwood lines, drawing on a world-wide set of resources. With an unparalleled offering for clients, they have become renowned internationally for their work.

Many consider flooring the province of big box retailers and discount makers, but Fame Hardwood has proven there is a demand for something a little more sophisticated. From their showroom in Los Angeles, the team has built a reputation for excellence that they are translating into new distribution channels not expected from hardwood manufacturers. Combined with the impressive collaborations planned with celebrated designers, Fame Hardwood has set its sights on being the Nike of the industry.

The nature of the industry means that the competition falls into either niche players or old-fashioned businesses. Niche players, by design, pick a small section of the market and specialize in that. The old-fashioned competitors are still displaying golden oaks on sample racks and using unimaginative color names to market their lines. Both have severe limitations that the Fame Hardwood team have overcome. With an impressive range, there is something for everyone, and the modern approach taken by the team has ensured that the firm stands apart for its creativity.

Instead of simply providing hardwood flooring, the Fame Hardwood team take the time to listen and understand what an architect or designer really wants to achieve. Their work is not simply as a supplier, but as a service. Every option is different, and at Fame Hardwood, the team know the sector better than anyone else. They provide proposals that fit any requirement, whether the concerns are about aesthetics, longevity or budget. It’s this formidable level of flexibility that has brought such success for the team.

Nowhere is this better shown than on the team’s most recent project. The Proper Hotel in Santa Monica was designed by Kelly Wearstler, bringing to the table some of the most exceptional architecture ever seen. The team were asked to provide hardwood, rubber underlayment, and quartersawn oak moldings for the complete 270 unit project. This involved finding flooring that would suit the complex and varied designs across the hotel, from the intricate lobby to the beach-inspired rooms. Needless to say, the team achieved some truly amazing results in this space.

With such success already behind them, the future looks incredibly bright for this talented team. They are growing their already impressive distribution channels throughout the states and online. To reflect their international set of resources, the team are exploring the potential of opening even more showrooms in cities such as New York, Dallas and London in the UK.

There are more collaborative efforts being planned too, with the team partnering up with the well-respected Bona and Veneklasen. This agreement will allow the team to offer a complete assembly of their floors and rubber underlayment with proprietary adhesives and finishes. This will include complete sound ratings and tests for architects, providing assurance that a Fame Hardwood solution will meet whatever requirements are needed.

The success of Fame Hardwood comes from its desire to go above and beyond the competition. When it comes to creating a flooring solution that is truly unique and thoroughly stylish, there’s simply no organization more qualified to offer their services.