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6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are an increasingly popular choice among people in the Beverly Hills area and are well-loved for their durability and classy appearance. Here are some tips for keeping the most durable wood flooring in your home in good condition for years to come.

Beverly Hills Homeowners: 6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Luxury Hardwood Floors

1. Use the Most Durable Wood Flooring

While a good maintenance routine is essential, your satisfaction with your floors begins with getting quality work done in the first place. Don't cut corners by getting the cheapest option possible if it's not coming from a trustworthy source, as you'll end up spending more later anyway to get the floors repaired correctly. Instead, trust a well-established company to give you the quality floors you need.

2. Develop a Routine for Caring for Your Floors

Like so many other home maintenance needs, keeping your floors in good condition requires that you adhere to a regular schedule. This will help you ensure that you don't let any problems grow worse than they would be if you cleaned them initially. Making floor care part of your everyday routine will make keeping your home in great condition just another part of your day.

3. Dust the Floors on a Daily Basis

While this simple step can often be overlooked, dusting floors is a crucial part of keeping them in the best possible condition. Getting rid of dust that settles on the floors isn't only a cosmetic concern, either. Removing dust daily will prevent scratches or other imperfections in the floor from forming, prolonging the pristine conditions of your hardwood floors.

4. Clean More Thoroughly Once a Week

Over time, debris and grime can build up on your floors that simple dusting won't be able to remove. That's why it's necessary to clean your floors every week as well. Use a cleaner that is designed for your floor's specific finish, and go for cleaning fluid that is pH-neutral and nontoxic to ensure the health of those in your house and of the surrounding environment.

5. Apply Polish Every Two to Three Months

Add some shine to your floors' appearance by applying polish on a quarterly basis. It's important to clean thoroughly before applying polish, picking up any dust or loose debris before the polish is put down. Water-based polishes are beneficial because they don't leave residue or any toxic by-products, while urethane-based polish dries quickly and adds an extra protective layer.

6. Refinish When Necessary

Sometimes, it is necessary to refinish your floors in order to restore them to their original condition. Refinishing can help to get floors back to the original shine and appearance that you enjoyed when the flooring was at its best. This step only needs to be done infrequently if you keep up on your maintenance routine, typically only once every seven to ten years.

Need more tips on how to keep your floors in great condition, or have a hardwood flooring job that you need done? Contact Fame Hardwood today for all of your flooring needs!