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What Kind Of Hardwood Flooring Is Best For Your Kitchen?

At Fame Hardwood Floors, we specialize in finding the right hardwoods for every room in your home. In recent years, hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular in kitchen remodeling. Hardwoods are stylish additions to kitchens that can last over a hundred years while maintaining their beauty and elegance. Modern finishing techniques ensure that a variety of hardwood types are waterproof and durable enough for kitchen areas. Here are some of our top suggestions for types of hardwood ideal for kitchens:


Oak is great for kitchens because it's quite hard and durable across all of its subspecies. Oak ages exceptionally well and comes in colors that range from almost white to dark brown to dark red. There's a color of oak to match every kitchen. European oak is a particularly fine choice for kitchen areas because it's typically even harder than American oak. Reclaimed oak, made of wood salvaged from things like barns and ships can add some rustic flair to kitchens.

As mentioned, the hardness of oak may vary depending on subspecies. White oak, which has around a 1360 hardness rating on the Janka scale is softer than live oak, which has a 2,680-hardness rating on the same scale. Both are suitable for kitchens, however. As a rule of thumb, a hardness rating of at least 1,000 is ideal for the kitchen and other highly trafficked areas of the house.


Parquet flooring is an attractive mosaic of wood pieces. In terms of possible design options, parquet opens up a world of possibilities for fun and unique styles. Chevron, triangle, square, and curved patterns are all available. The hardness rating of different types of parquet varies, so be sure to research the hardness rating of a type you're interested in before investing in it. A high-quality, water-resident topcoat should be applied to parquet floors in kitchen areas.


Hickory is harder than oak, maple, and ash, and it has a striking, natural look. It comes in a variety of tones and plank sizes to match the aesthetic of your kitchen. Because of its hardness rating, it's a particularly great choice for family kitchens that get a lot of traffic or that may be subjected to a lot of moisture. Hickory can be waxed to enhance its water resistance and keep it beautiful.


Ash is similar in hardness to white oak, and it withstands fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels quite well. It's known to age gracefully with minor damage from wear and tear over the years. Additionally, it's unlikely to splinter. It's also comfortable to walk on because of its shock absorbency.


Cherry, ebony, maple, and bamboo are some other popular hardwood choices for kitchens. Each is hard and versatile. Bamboo is a splendid choice for the eco-conscious as the considerable propagation of bamboo makes harvesting materials for this type of hardwood very sustainable.

These are some of the ideal hardwood choices for kitchens, and each can have a wonderful effect on the overall appearance of a kitchen area. Contact us at Fame Hardwood Floors to discuss possibilities for your kitchen!