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Installing A Custom Hardwood Floor: What Season Is Best?

It may seem like there's no bad time of year to install a hardwood floor, which is true - but there is the best time. So, whether you're breathing new life into an old room or you're laying a floor somewhere for the first time, be smart about it. You want to ensure you have the best experience installing this custom hardwood floor as you can. Wood is pricey, it's finicky, and it's something you absolutely don't want to mess up.

The season that offers the best time when installing a hardwood floor is fall, but any time between early fall and early spring is the prime time for installation. The reason for this is the humidity and temperature balance that the seasons bring, especially in fall. If there's too much or too little humidity then the wood can easily warp, crack, cup, and more.

As for temperature, it's usually mild in fall and spring. Mild conditions work the best when you're working with adhesive for hardwood flooring, letting it dry quickly, but not too quickly. The installation process goes by easily with no hiccups and the floors remain undamaged once installed.


The primary reason you shouldn't install hardwood flooring in winter is that the air is dry and cold. While you still can install hardwood flooring this season with no problems, it's more of a risk. With the dry air, your floor can crack, especially if you're using wood that hasn't been adequately acclimated prior to installation. It's also colder, and your adhesive won't dry as well in lower temperatures.


In summer it's the opposite problem - you can install the flooring, but the adhesive may dry too quickly and won't be as effective because it takes too long to bond. Meanwhile, the humidity of summer can easily lead to wood warping and swelling. You don't want a distorted floor even if it's fixable. If it distorts, you're looking at lasting damage that'll be costly and time-consuming to fix.

Tips for Installing Hardwood Floors


Ensure that the people installing your floor area are using a moisture barrier no matter what season it is. This will stop your floor from sliding around and not bonding with the adhesive correctly.


Before you have the floor installed, be sure to acclimate the wood for at least a week. Lay each piece out in the room it's going in and try not to disturb it for a week. Leave the room's temperature at the temperature it would normally be so you don't end up with ill-fitting wood.

With those tips and the season in mind, you're ready to dive into your hardwood floor journey. Contact us at Fame Hardwood to get started. We have a lot to offer including 150 flooring samples alongside the ability to create custom samples. With us, you're covered no matter what you need, all year long.