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What Type Of Wood Is Best For Parquet Wood Flooring?

If you want a classic or traditional look for your floors, consider the timeless parquet wood flooring. This flooring system features wood pieces that form a mosaic of geometric patterns. The floor design blends function, safety, aesthetics, durability, and stability. You have a versatile style range including classic herringbone, double herringbone, rustic, and chevron floor design. For a touch of authentic beauty, here are some of the best types of wood for your parquet floor.


Oak is the flooring industry standard owing to its durability and also among the cheapest hardwood flooring options. Your floor gets a distinctive character with either white oak or red oak. Red oak is the more popular choice because it is stain-friendly and gives you a wider variety in terms of color choice. White oak is harder and has a gray to golden brown look. The strong grains of oak wood hide dents on your parquet flooring.


Durability is a top consideration when you choose a flooring material. With hickory wood, you have the most durable wood species grown locally. The hickory parquet wood floor has a beautiful and unique rustic outlook which becomes the focal point of your indoor décor. The creamy to medium brown color is easy to blend into your existing décor if you want a parquet floor for your remodeling. Waxing adds moisture resistance and enhances the aesthetics of your hickory parquet floor.


American black walnut has a classy look and is one of the most popular solid wood flooring options. For the parquet floor, you add a touch of sophistication with this chocolate brown wood species. The warm wood color makes your home more welcoming.


Hard maple (sugar maple) is a popular choice for wood floors, including parquet floors. The light texture, open grain pattern, and gorgeous finish make it a popular choice in contemporary homes. Maple floors boast shock-absorbing properties, and you'll find them on basketball courts and other heavy-traffic areas. Besides these qualities, maple wood is also beautiful and strong.


Ash has the hardness of white oak and is also a beautiful option for contemporary homes. If you want a parquet floor for a heavy use room, consider ash wood for its shock-absorbing qualities. The floor is comfortable to walk on and you can choose the perfect parquet flooring design to get the best out of the solid ash wood pieces.


With Cherry wood, you have the choice of Brazilian Cherry or American Cherry. This wood species gives your parquet flooring a warm touch because of the natural red-brown color. American cherry wood is more expensive and the red color becomes more pronounced with age. Brazil cherry wood is one of the most popular exotic wood for flooring and has a wider color variety, more strength, and pest resistance.

Parquet flooring has been around since the 17th century and it remains a popular flooring style today. With the geometry patterns combined with the magnificent qualities of the wood species you choose, you get unique flooring. If you're looking for parquet flooring in Los Angeles, CA, visit the FAME HARDWOOD showroom for the largest collection of high-quality flooring products.