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FAME Hardware: High End Hardwood Flooring At The Best Price

Most people who are building or re-modeling their dream home are hoping to keep their flooring for the long term, maybe 50 years or more. With its strength, durability, and ease of maintenance, high-end hardwood flooring is hard to beat on this front. Not only is it a product that can last for a lifetime, but it is also an extremely attractive and luxurious option. Here at Fame Hardwood in Los Angeles, we offer excellent quality at great prices.

You may be wondering what high-end hardwood is and how this will make a difference to your home. In essence, this type of flooring is unique and can't be found in big-box stores because it is often made to the client's specifications. Whether you are using a designer for your home or you're creating your own look, you may want a color or design that's not widely available. This is where an upmarket provider can help you to find and craft your perfect fit.

Aside from being more targeted to your exact needs, high-end products are also likely to be finished to a higher standard and include more wood. Sanding, scraping, and highlighting are often done by hand, so you can be sure that your hardwood is both unique and well-made. Other differences between standard flooring and high-end include the way the wood is cut and how wide and thick your boards are.


Here at Fame Hardwood, we aim to provide you with your 'forever floor', a high-quality product that will last you 50 years or more. At the same time, we offer a great price and fast dispatch. In fact, many of our models are available for shipping within 24 hours of your order, although some more specialized products that are crafted in Europe take longer.


We do not currently display prices on our website because your cost will depend on where your materials need to be shipped. However, when buying from us, you can be assured that the price in relation to the quality is superb. We have great control over our finished products due to our connections to manufacturers and finishing lines in North America, Asia, and Europe, which means that you can get high-end, customized flooring with minimal hassle.


You won't be stuck for options when shopping at Fame Hardwood. We currently have more than 150 examples on display in our Los Angeles showroom, many of which can be customized to create the exact flooring you need. If you live locally, stop by and have a look at the seven different collections we have on offer. From the 'Modern Classic' range to the eco-friendly 'Remastered' line that features reclaimed wood, you're sure to find something to your taste.

Maybe our most unique product is the GeoMetriX KoLLecTioN made in Italy, which features an innovative twist on traditional hardwood flooring. By combining hardwood, burnished brass, Carrera, and marble in interesting geometric shapes, we've created a completely new and unique type of floor that will delight anyone looking for something different.

If you're looking for a durable and attractive flooring option, high-end hardwood is the way to go. Contact Fame Hardwood in Los Angeles to start searching for the perfect fit among our broad inventory. You'll be delighted by our fast shipping options, great prices, and expert advice.