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Rift and Quartered Oak Flooring in Los Angeles

Rift and Quartered grain are achieved by using a certain milling technique that differs from the much more typical, simple sawn style. Logs are reduced with the grains intersecting the face of the board at an approximate 60-degree angle. The log is sawn into four quarters and each quarter of the log is sawn vertical to the development rings at an angle, as a result being called rift and quartered. This develops the traditional long-lined grain that rift and quartered is known for.

One more distinctive characteristic of rift and quartered wood is the presentation of medullary rays. Medullary rays are the cellular frameworks discovered in timbers, containing little capillaries inside timber that range from the center of the tree to the outer growth ring. When quarter sawn, they create a wavy, ribbon-like result in the board known as "flecking". Wood only has a straight grain with flecking when sawn right into four quarters and reduced at a 60-degree angle. Simply put, only rift and quartered grain can have a straight grain with flecking as a result of just how it's milled.

While ordinary sawn white oak is grated alongside the tree's development rings, quarter sawn is created when a log is sawn vertically to the development rings. Lumbers is reduced that emit out from the facility of the log after it is quartered. The result is a straighter grain and striking, shimmering medullary rays known as flecking.

Rift sawn planks are also quarter sawn however are cut from the external third of the log specifically. They are kept in mind for a contemporary feel that originated from their very straight grain, with little to no flecking.

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