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French Oak in Beverly Hills

French oak flooring coming from France is very sought-after timber and is popular due to the desirability which it owes to its reputation. French Oak grown in France is the best in the world.

Of the world's more than 430 species of oak, only 10 grow in France in significant numbers.

Of those, just two are considered prime: Quercus robur and Quercus petraea. Both species grow in the six major French forests valued for oak.

French Oak trees grow gradually, and the space between the growth rings is compact, producing a tighter, smoother grain. This creates the cathedral grain pattern in the center of each plank and straight grain on the edges of the planks.

French Oak is also prized for its tannin content, which response beautifully to customized coloring-producing shades that are sometimes not possible to attain on American Oak.

France has a long and well-respected history of maintaining its forests, particularly since World War II. The minimum size an oak must be before it is cut down is 25 inches in diameter.

French Oak from France is harvested and graded under strict guidelines, they have very clear grading rules, the log is cut into four sections for the maximum usage of the log:

  • A-section-- is the base of the tree and is used for barrels
  • B & C-section-- in the middle of the tree used for joinery or flooring
  • D-section-- just utilized for exterior application, such as railway sleepers

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