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European Oak Flooring In Los Angeles

European Oak Flooring is one of the most preferred flooring selections in the United States, especially in the Los Angeles area. It is abundantly readily available, durable, and easy to deal with. It is also preferred among builders as lumber. American Oak is identified into two major classifications: Red Oak as well as White Oak. Both are very popular hardwood floor covering choices in the USA. Both are extremely sturdy, take discolor wonderfully, and are relatively simple to deal with, suggesting that their oil web content does not commonly hinder finishing this timber as well as they succeed with various competing approaches.

Both Red, as well as White oak trees, grow in lots of states across the United States and South-central Canada. You will certainly find both trees as far down as Texas and also Louisiana to as north as Nova Scotia and also Maine and also as far west as Minnesota and lots of states in between. These are old-growth trees and can be as old as a number of a century. When mounted as flooring, Red and also White Oak hardwood has the ability to last more than a lifetime.

What exactly is European Oak Flooring?

It is an absolutely stunning hardwood stemming from various countries in Europe - one of the most typically made use of European Oak comes from France, England, as well as Germany. You'll often hear interchangeable terms for European oak such as French Oak or English Oak. European Oaks, on the other hand, are darker with a warm brownish tone to them.

The oil that is placed on European Finished Flooring is permeated deep right into the wood as well as seals it by shutting the pores of the hardwood. When the oil comes in contact with the hardwood, the seal is more or less rapid. An oil finish has a much more all-natural appearance than oil or water polyurethane. An oil finish penetrates the wood rather than sitting on top of the hardwood. The graining is felt as well as you have the capacity to walk and also use the real hardwood. Applying a water or oil polyurethane, on the other hand, does not soak up right into the wood but instead works as a protective sealant. When using the flooring with an oil or water-based polyurethane, you are walking on the surface instead of the hardwood itself.

If you're looking for a durable and attractive flooring option, high-end European Oak hardwood is the way to go. Contact Fame Hardwood in Los Angeles to start searching for the perfect fit among our broad inventory. You'll be delighted by our fast shipping options, great prices, and expert advice.